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Michael Phelps, USA, 18-time Olympic Gold-Medalist

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SwimStatsInfo brings you the latest news and stories from the swimming world. Be informed with real-time Olympics™ statistics, as well as rankings of professional and college teams, and championships worldwide. Visit our website to learn more about swim meets and general information happening around the globe.

                Becky Ledecky, USA

Rankings & Records

SwimStatsInfo has everything you need to know, from swimming methods and categories, to meets and news around the world. Check your favorite swimmer’s score or even your own if you recently competed in a championship. From international to local news, our site has precise and exact information to keep you up to date.

Rankings & Records

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About Us

SwimStatsInfo is a company with over 40 years of experience in the swimming field. We were established when one of the founders started working for Swimming World Magazine, where he was in charge of keeping track of swimming statistics. Years after, we noticed there was no place on the web that showed the all-time swimming rankings, which is how we came up with SwimStatsInfo. We want to provide a free service that lets people see updated information about the swimming world, including statistics, news, and stories. Our mission is to inform the reader, accurately and concisely, about the swimming statistics and rankings around the world.


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